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money transfer worldwide

money transfer worldwide

After the last discussion in creating and earning money through blogging, let’s discuss how you can get your payments from your clients.

There are many ways how to get your payments. One of these is to get money through a wire transfer or credit transfer. Wire transfer is just one of the method of transferring money from one person to another person. You can try also bank to bank method locally or internationally. PayPal and Western Union are some of the companies offering secured money transfer. There are also companies that offer bank to bank money transfer but with visa and master card logo,etc. I am using PayPal and Western Union as of now and I am trying to have a personal bank account but this one needs a lot of requirements. Anyway, you can try to ask the banks nearest you or just simply go to their website and check for the requirements.

If you are just starting to have a small business like freelancing or any business you want in the internet, you need to set-up first your bank account or any form of money transfer then find trusted clients.

– created and original post by Marvin ( Please avoid plagiarism)


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