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How to make your boss happy

I just want to share this to everyone specially to all those newbies taking their first job. As of what the line says ” Learn from the Expert”. (sleepy while typing this one) LOL nevermind!

Okay, the topic is “how to make your boss happy”. Well, this task is very easy if you know how to make yourself happy too. If you can make yourself happy, of course you can do it with your own boss.

The first thing you need to do is to go to your work as early as possible. This means DO NOT BE LATE. This is the first step to make your boss happy. I hope you knew it since when you were in School. No late in the classroom or else your teacher will get mad and your day is bad already.

Ok, back to the topic. Second, finish the tasks on time or if you can finish it one day before the due date, that is a very good. Finishing the tasks on time makes your boss very happy. It is because they are seeing you as a productive employee and can do a task quickly and on time. Productive and qualitative employee has a lot of rewards, please remember that. Be sure also to pass your reports on time and be resourceful also.

Third, be friendly to your boss and have a time talking with him even if your boss is strict, we can’t do about it but communication is very important. Some boss are strict because it is a business and no one wants a business to be in danger.

Fourth, love your work. If you love your work you’ll be happy and your boss will be happy too. Lastly, think positive and you’ll continue to grow with your boss. These are some of the tips that I want to share with you. I hope these would help you in your career. Good Luck! Easy Steps right? Do it and be promoted.

By the way, please remember this line “DO IT FIRST BEFORE YOU COMPLAIN”. All of those are challenges for us to step in the next level of life.


If I forgot something please tell me hehehe. I appreciate your comments.

– created and original post by Marvin ( Please avoid plagiarism)


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