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I did a lot of websites and blogs before but then I wasn’t able to update them. I was busy at that time with different things and a little bit tired of doing those things. I forgot  and deleted their links. I wasn’t too serious also because I just want to exercise my knowledge in website designing and programming. I remember my thesis ” Development of an E-Commerce Website ”  ( going back to college times ). That was a big challenge for me and it’s exciting.

I am a website designer, an optimizer, blogger, developer, and a lot more or may I say I am a website fanatic. I really love to make websites especially when people going to my site and look into it. I am happy too if they will leave a comment. I am happy also if I created attractive designs, flash animations or anything related to websites. Mostly, I am happy if I finished the site that I am creating. Anyway, It is really fun doing websites but before I didn’t know how to get more people seeing my websites. Until the time that one of the company here in the Philippines hired me to do Search Engine Optimization Tasks and other web related tasks as well as web programming. In short, all around tasks in website development and SEO. It was fun and I learned a lot at that time.

Going to our main topic: Building my new blog and website.

I am thinking of doing a serious website and a blog of mine. I am finding a new web hosting site again with good features and more widgets. Of course, I need to search for it. I need to start again with a free web hosting site but I know that in the next few months or years, it will have a good traffic,more visitors coming, and a lot of money also. Anyway, I am just sharing it. I have nothing to do so I want to post in this blog. I have a lot of plans and things to do but I really need a lot of time and effort to start a small business or just a freelance tasks for websites and SEO. I’ll tell you on when my new blog and website will be up. I need more time to build those and be serious in earning money through it.

(To be continued again: I need to go home now! Thanks for reading)


Comments on: "Building my new blog and website" (2)

  1. Good luck with all your web designing! I am sure if you stick for longer lots of people will come to read you 🙂

    • Yeah! Thanks for the comments 🙂
      Anyway, I am trying to connect with different websites, social networking sites and doing directory submissions. I hope these would help. SEO is the best thing to do also.

      Let me continue my story hahaha! 🙂

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