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different search engines

Different Search Engines

This is the time for you to know that it’s not only Yahoo and Google are the search engines living in the internet. Actually, there a lot of them.

Most people are using Yahoo and Google as their search engines to search something that they wanted to know or they wanted to have over the internet. You’ll just type the keywords in the search box and *poop* a lot of links from different websites will appear  in that page of Yahoo or Google.

Well, I have been in school before and mostly I was using Yahoo and Google to search for my research projects. Using the search engine is really good for research work. You don’t need a table of contents just like in the real book to find the things you wanted to search. That’s the internet.

Search engine has different categories. To have some overview with these. Please visit this link

( Thanks to wikipedia )

Here are the  TOP SEARCH ENGINES in the World Wide Web.

1. Yahoo

2. Google

3. Bing

4. Ask

5. MSN/Live

6. AOL – powered by Google

7. AltaVista – powered by Yahoo

8. Fast – powered by Yahoo

9. Gigablast

10. Netscape search – powered by Google

11. – powered by Gigablast

There are a lot more…

It is really hard to make a search engine but to think that’s easy if you have the knowledge, skills and also teamwork.

I hope I have my own Search Engine with my name on it. LOL 🙂

Marvin’s Search Engine 😀


Comments on: "Did you know that there are a lot of search engines in the internet? Not only Yahoo, Bing, and Google." (2)

  1. Great into – i didn’t know Alexa was a search engine till now! Please visit my site too! I’d love your input on SEO, etc.!

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