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Every website or blog needs link building to get more viewers. One of the strategy in SEO is the link building. I have discussed some of it in my last posts about SEO and websites’ promotion.

There are many types of link building that an optimizer is using either it’s in the form of White Hat, Black Hat or Grey Hat Technique. It is up to the optimizer on how he will use link building. It is important that we know how to create links. We aren’t just creating several links to the other websites. We must think of  a good way in creating links. This is what we must learn, “quantity vs quality” .

One of the example of quantity links is the word ” SPAM LINKS “. A lot of black hat optimizer are creating this kind of tasks. They are just creating links to spam in the internet and even in your e-mails just to promote their websites. There are people also doing a lot of  spam links in the forum or they will do a forum and put a lot of links in every sections or threads. I hate this people spamming links and even my blog got but I deleted them already.

Quality links are those associated with quality content. Example of this is exchanging links with the other websites’ owners. You can also do link building through directory submissions. This is also one good way of getting people into your website.

There are links that might be rejected if you won’t follow the rules of the other websites. We need to do quality links rather than doing a lot of links which might be rejected forever. Spamming links are not good that’s the bad side of link building.

Anyway, let us know what are the types of link building.

Here are some of the types of link building.

1.   One Way Link Building – a link that has a start but will just end up into other websites without going back into your website. This is a road that has a start and a finish line. A= B

2.  Reciprocal Link Building – this is the most common and most widely used link building. With this, you are going to link from another website and put their website link also into your website. So A = B then B = A. We can call this also as an exchange links.

3. Three Way Link Buildingunlike the reciprocal and one way link building, this type of link building is much efficient. You have a link to another website and your website is also linked to another website. A = B = C = A

4. Multi Way Link Building –  this is for web promotions and most specially if you want your website to get more viewers. This is also a technique of many website owners with a lot of websites. This refers to the link exchange is between  3 or more websites.

We can also add these techniques:

5 . Back Linking – this could be done through forum posting or directory submissions

6. Image Link Building – an image that has a URL of a website.

7. Video Posting – a link with video

8. Link Baiting – is any content or feature within a website that somehow baits viewers to place links to it from other websites. Link bait as anything “interesting enough to catch people’s attention.” Link bait could be an extremely powerful form of marketing as it is viral.

9. Forum Signature Linking – this is also included in back linking through the use of signatures.

10. Blog Commenting – by answering or commenting into different blogs and put a good links into it.

11. Social Bookmarking – this can be done by joining social bookmarking websites.

12. Social Networking – you can do this by joining social networking sites like facebook, friendster, twitter and myspace.

There a lot of techniques and strategies in link building. You can think and plan these for you to get a qualitative links.

I hope these would help you in making your blogs or websites popular in the world-wide web.

– created and original post by Marvin ( Please avoid plagiarism )


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  1. Web Design Company India said:

    Yep thats true i Do Agree with you. As per my experience Article Submission, Social Bookmarking, Press Release Submission and Forum posting is the best way for Link Building..

    Thanks for sharing Useful Stuff

    Thanks a lot

  2. extinfeller said:

    Hey, just want to say hi. I’m new here.

  3. Ah! I’m so glad this was poste| There have been a mass of contradictary
    info out there, this dispells, puts to rest
    much of what I’ve seen.

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