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Happy Birthday MarvinCool! It’s Marvin’s Birthday Today!

May 28

Let’s Celebrate wooohoooooooo!

Yeahhhhhhhh! Thanks for this. I hope my day today would be great. I need to go to work later and it is already 1 am here. Hahah! my friends are still online in Facebook and they are greeting me. * HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARVIN * , * Happy Birthday dude!*, “Happy birthday, may you enjoy the day with the people who care for you”….

Thanks guys!

Wah! I’ll sleep for about 6 hours only. *sigh*

Well, I am still thinking what will happen later in the office. Whew* I forgot it is Friday today and we will have a happy hour after work. Good!

NO BIRTHDAY LEAVE! HAHAHAAHAH! I still need to go to work 😦

Anyway, this day is very important to me so I need to go out and relax maybe later after work? I still need to go to the church and thank God for giving me a lot of blessings. Nice start!

If you are going to ask me how old I am now? I am just 19 hahahah! Kidding! I am already 24 yrs old.

Huhuhuhu *sad* I am becoming old.  I wish I could travel around the world before I turn to 30 yrs old. Sounds good? 😀

Six more years to come so I think let me enjoy first my childhood years nyahhaahh!

Again, thanks for those who greeted me and this day is really important to me.

Okay, I need to end this up now and I’ll go to bed.

Good Morning!



” inuman na ” is a tagalog word, in english it is ” HAVE SOME DRINK “

Cheers! 😀

Please click this video! IT IS HAPPY BIRTHDAY SONG 😀


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