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Say bye! bye! to my old WordPress template.

I used it for almost 6 months and because everything is changing I need to upgrade as well 🙂

From the plain white template, now I am using a better template and I hope you like it too.

Well, I don’t have more to say but to congratulate my blog for its new look.

I want to make new blogs and monetize them soon.

See you in the next posts…

Thanks for visiting my fellow human being.


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Comments on: "New WordPress Template For Marvin" (7)

  1. Reymar Guia said:

    wow thanks a lot for the information you have given. It really helps! I will save this for future reference

    • Hello Raymar,

      No problem. I hope you’ll keep visiting this site.
      I like your site too.

      You are a freelance graphic designer?
      Have you done website designing projects?

      • Reymar Guia said:

        Yes I am a freelancer also. I did websites for my clients.

        Thanks a lot for liking! God Bless

      • I see, that’ s good. I am also creating website and designing it.
        You are a Filipino, isn’t it? because I am a Filipino too.
        Nice to meet you.

  2. SEO blogger wordpress said:

    very great information thanks. 🙂
    love to bookmark it. 🙂

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