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iBlog – The 1oth Philippine Blog Summit was held last April 4 and 5, 2014 at the Malcolm Theater, UP Diliman, Quezon City.

The event encouraged different people, from speakers to bloggers to share insights retrospective about the past 10 years and how

we do all want to move forward. There are a lot of people most especially bloggers from different parts of the Philippines joined this

event. There are also companies joined and one of the best sponsors of this event, The Vibal Group who shared their fruitful



Vibal Publishing House  is one of the major publishing companies here in the Philippines based in Quezon City.

Vibal was founded in 1953 by Hilarion P. Vibal and by his wife, Esther Asuncion Vibal. Vibal is a big company who publishes

textbooks, training materials, multimedia products and many more. Until now they are still operating to give  Filipinos more books

to read and help them to reach their dreams.


With the new and upgrading technology, Vibal has expanded to better communicate with other people through online social media.

They have now partnered with Microsoft, Google, Amazon and many more.

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