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Aggressor™ Faction is coming back for the year 2010 (Granado Espada)

Aggressor Faction

Aggressor Faction

I just want to share to you guys the online game that I am playing and that is Granado Espada. This game is really fun and very different from the other games that I have played. Graphics is excellent and it is like real. People from different countries like Philippines,Singapore,Malaysia,etc. are playing this game. It is almost 4 years since the game opened last 2006. In this game, you are controlling three characters at the same time unlike the other games which is mostly you are just using only one character. So sounds interesting? If yes then join us 🙂

Anyway, I have this faction established last 2006 too and this faction is almost 4 years in the world of Granado Espada.  Many says that this  is the “oldest faction living” in that world. We have been into different wars (failures or even successes.). The real war here is the war of life. Challenges that make us stronger in facing our life. This is only an online game but we value it as we value ourselves in life. Every fight and trainings that we are doing in that game is a challenge for us to reach our goal transposing it to the real world. I know that’s only a game but the important thing is we are learning from it. We can apply the good things that we are doing in that game and turn it into real.

Aggressor™ Faction has a lot of members from all over the world. Of course, you can get your new friends and meet them up in real. We are happy in building new friends. We are happy too helping each other.  Here, we are just like a real family wherein I am the father and the mastermind. *wahahahaha* WAR FOR FREEDOM 🙂


Aggressor™’ Rules

Aggressor™ Faction Official Website


Are you a gamer?

Online Dota Game


Why not join me?  and let us share our thoughts in regard with different online games. Have you tried playing a lot of online games and you felt stress and depression? ASK YOUR GAME EXPERT on how to ease those stress and become happy again.

Playing an online game is really a hobby or may I say a part of our lives. Hahahaahh!. I couldn’t sleep without touching my computer and play a game that I really love. Yes, that’s a part of my life and I am happy but of course I have limitations also so that It wouldn’t be harmful for me.

Yes! harmful, over playing could make a bad  impact to your health.. So please keep in mind that playing an online game is just for a leisure time (only 2-3 hours?) .  For some, I think they can’t do that hahaha… So many addicted to online games playing for 5-8 hours or even a day.

Hard time for ONLINE GAMING! ROCKS… nyahahaah.

Nah! just play for fun and be happy.

Online Granado Espada Game

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