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New WordPress Template For Marvin

Say bye! bye! to my old WordPress template.

I used it for almost 6 months and because everything is changing I need to upgrade as well 🙂

From the plain white template, now I am using a better template and I hope you like it too.

Well, I don’t have more to say but to congratulate my blog for its new look.

I want to make new blogs and monetize them soon.

See you in the next posts…

Thanks for visiting my fellow human being.


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Happy Birthday Marvin

Happy Birthday MarvinCool! It’s Marvin’s Birthday Today!

May 28

Let’s Celebrate wooohoooooooo!

Yeahhhhhhhh! Thanks for this. I hope my day today would be great. I need to go to work later and it is already 1 am here. Hahah! my friends are still online in Facebook and they are greeting me. * HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARVIN * , * Happy Birthday dude!*, “Happy birthday, may you enjoy the day with the people who care for you”….

Thanks guys!

Wah! I’ll sleep for about 6 hours only. *sigh*

Well, I am still thinking what will happen later in the office. Whew* I forgot it is Friday today and we will have a happy hour after work. Good!

NO BIRTHDAY LEAVE! HAHAHAAHAH! I still need to go to work 😦

Anyway, this day is very important to me so I need to go out and relax maybe later after work? I still need to go to the church and thank God for giving me a lot of blessings. Nice start!

If you are going to ask me how old I am now? I am just 19 hahahah! Kidding! I am already 24 yrs old.

Huhuhuhu *sad* I am becoming old.  I wish I could travel around the world before I turn to 30 yrs old. Sounds good? 😀

Six more years to come so I think let me enjoy first my childhood years nyahhaahh!

Again, thanks for those who greeted me and this day is really important to me.

Okay, I need to end this up now and I’ll go to bed.

Good Morning!



” inuman na ” is a tagalog word, in english it is ” HAVE SOME DRINK “

Cheers! 😀

Please click this video! IT IS HAPPY BIRTHDAY SONG 😀

Congratulations! Most Popular Blogger – Philippines (Country Category)

Most Popular Blogger

Most Popular Blogger Philippines

Wow! Another big round of applause to me 🙂

Well, I just want to congratulate myself for having into the most popular blogger in the Philippines. Thanks to

Thanks 🙂

“CONGRATULATIONS to Vinbytes – Your Web Expert Blog Site, For Making into the Top Most Popular Blog in Bloggers.Com” – Marvin

Online Web Blogger

Online Web Expert Freelancer

Note: Please click the images to have a large view.

Congratulations Dude! You’ve made it.

Wow! A good news made Marvin happy after browsing the bloggers directory.

This is a surprise 🙂

Marvin said:

” I saw my blog in the top page (page 2) of the website. Here is the link

I didn’t expect this. 😀 I thought I was still at the end of this blog directory hahah! Imagine, there a lot of blogs in that directory and I am in the top page now 🙂 . There are thousands of blogger from different countries who are submitting their blogs in this website. Whew! I am new there and I am happy that I made it into the top.Let’s see if that would change my blog rank.

Anyway, I hope soon I am in the page 1 🙂

This is just a result of a good hard work 😀


The Month of Graduation

Month of Graduation

Wow, I didn’t notice that it is already March 😀

Hahaha! Marvin is becoming busy. Well, I have a lot of works to do. It is good to become busy and to ease boredom.  I have a few posts for February because I was too busy at that time. I need to boosts my blog analytic again and keep the readers visiting my blog. We will see that.

By the way, Thanks for the visitors and clients who visited my blog 🙂 I’ll keep you posted.

Thanks also to my blog subscribers. I’ll continue to post more articles and share my knowledge  with all of you. Please do not get tired of reading my posts and I hope you learned something from me.

Anyway, back to the topic. This month is really nice even if it is becoming hot now here in our country. I remember something from this month. Oh Yeh! It is Graduation. Well, I finished this part of my life already. Wow! My younger sister is going to have her graduation this month. Congratulations! Keep it up my little sister. Go go goooo!!!

As we all know, this is another month of a big celebration for all those who are graduating in school.  I remember the feeling of having this kind of event. It was really exciting because you finished a long-term goal  which is your studies.

It is really happy when you have done something in your life that puts you to become a real human being. There’s nothing wrong with the obstacles that you had when you were in school. It is a challenge and you’ve made it to go out of it. Now you are getting the rewards from the effort you exerted. You proved that you can do it.


– created and original post by Marvin ( please avoid plagiarism )

Friday fun and ends up with a reunion of college friends

Yesssssssssss! It is already friday. I can rest and relax again. It was a tiring week but I am still happy  because I finished a lot of work. Cool right? Nothing is impossible if you are a hard worker hahhahaha. I hope you too. Wooooo! This is a big night party for me. I need to replenish my energies.

Okay, so how are you 2 months old blog? I hope you keep getting people to view you or else I’ll stop posting here. Hahaha. I am just kidding bro! Anyway, Wow! I have checked the back-end panel of you and I have 14 posts already for this January. Cool! Nice number of posts 14 hahaah! Okay bro! Say “bye” to January because next week is February already. I’ll be feeding you more this February. Let me think what I need to post and I think you need new teammates. I am going to build my main website and another teammate of you ( another blog site) seriously.

Okay, back to the topic. For now, I’ll be leaving this to end up the month of January. I need to go out later for a night party. Yeahhhhh! my college friends are waiting. Thank God for the new challenges!

Next week, I’ll be posting new knowledge to share and I need to get in touch with many people around the world. I hope so I can but I CAN DO IT. hehehe For now, I’ll go out and have some refreshments. By the way, my dear viewers, please end up also your week happily. 🙂

Granado Gamer!! DOTA PLAYERS!!! Here I come again!

Thanks for reading! ^^

– created and original post by Marvin (please avoid plagiarism)

The Year of the Tiger

Year of the Tiger

The Year of the Tiger

After a long vacation and holidays, I finally got my Chinese horoscope for this year 2010. Yeah!, you are seeing it now in the image above. I got this one in the new calendar for 2010 and took a shot on it.  I know I am late already but I just want to tell you that there is Chinese New Year coming this February. Whoooo!! I hope someone will give me a chinese cake, we called it as TIKOY. hahahaha… 🙂 This will be cool.

Anyway, the message in that picture is really wonderful and giving me a hint on what will I do this year. This is really funny but of course we don’t just read those things, we must push ourselves to what we want to have this year. Nothing will happen if we just sit and relax. I hope these are true. I’ll make my year more happy  and productive. Let’s get it on….

For the people who have the same year like me or rather who were born on those years indicated in the image. Keep up the good work! Nothing is impossible if you’ll push yourself into the right way.

Good Luck guys!

– created and original post by Marvin ( please avoid plagiarism)

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