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You can finally check some of the information about me in

There are a lot of blogger in that website.

That’s a blog directory and where you can meet a lot of people from different countries who enjoy blogging.

So join us and be one of the blogger.

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Friday fun and ends up with a reunion of college friends

Yesssssssssss! It is already friday. I can rest and relax again. It was a tiring week but I am still happy  because I finished a lot of work. Cool right? Nothing is impossible if you are a hard worker hahhahaha. I hope you too. Wooooo! This is a big night party for me. I need to replenish my energies.

Okay, so how are you 2 months old blog? I hope you keep getting people to view you or else I’ll stop posting here. Hahaha. I am just kidding bro! Anyway, Wow! I have checked the back-end panel of you and I have 14 posts already for this January. Cool! Nice number of posts 14 hahaah! Okay bro! Say “bye” to January because next week is February already. I’ll be feeding you more this February. Let me think what I need to post and I think you need new teammates. I am going to build my main website and another teammate of you ( another blog site) seriously.

Okay, back to the topic. For now, I’ll be leaving this to end up the month of January. I need to go out later for a night party. Yeahhhhh! my college friends are waiting. Thank God for the new challenges!

Next week, I’ll be posting new knowledge to share and I need to get in touch with many people around the world. I hope so I can but I CAN DO IT. hehehe For now, I’ll go out and have some refreshments. By the way, my dear viewers, please end up also your week happily. 🙂

Granado Gamer!! DOTA PLAYERS!!! Here I come again!

Thanks for reading! ^^

– created and original post by Marvin (please avoid plagiarism)

Earning an extra income through blogging

money making contest

creating money through blogging

Are you wondering how blog can give an extra income to you?  Have you tried to make one but you don’t know how to earn money because you do not have any idea and all you just know is to make a personal blog?

Now, this is the time for you to know that blogging can give you an extra income. The first thing you need is to make your own blog or if you have already an existing blog you can use it. Blogging is really easy but to earn money through that is a more challenging tasks. Blogging is your product.

Okay, How to earn money with this. Actually, there are many ways you can do.

Here are some tips:

  1. Sign-up for a Google AdSense.  (for more information, please click the link) or Once you got this then you are ready for a cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-thousand-impression (CPM) campaign.  see the link for more details:
  2. Market your blog by submitting it through different blog directories to gain traffic.
  3. Selling your links space and charging them every month.
  4. Sell images with links to the clients/customers.
  5. Making an ads’ space into your blog and sell it.
  6. Article writing
  7. Pay per post
  8. By joining Forums and other website organization that promote blogging and earning through it. example: Blog Making Contest
  9. Setting up your business (freelance) in a blog like what I did. Please click my Services Offered Page:
  10. Lastly, you can sell your blog design or even your own blog. Remember a blog that is very popular in the internet is very expensive.

and a lot more …

The next topic that I’ll be discussing is how to get the money from your customer/clients around the world.

See you in the next post.

– created and original post by Marvin ( Please avoid plagiarism)

Tips for beginners in making a blog

Let us define first what is a blog?

We love blogging

A blog is a type of website that is usually maintained by individual. Mostly people do blogs for personal and business purposes. Blog is very important when it comes to business. This is one of the techniques in online marketing. Blogging makes people know who you are, what you are promoting and most specially you can find new friends to join you. There are many different types of blogs, differing not only in the type of content, but also in the way that content is delivered or written. Let’s go now with the main topic which is how to make a blog. The first thing you need to do is to search for a free blog site. You can search in the internet and check for the website who offers free blogs like, Those are just some of the example that offers free blogs. Of course, you need to sign-up and fill-up the necessary information that the free blog site wants to get from you. After those things and you have already your free blog, this is now the time to plan for your blog. These are the following you should include into your plan: What is my blog for? is it for personal blog? promoting a product? or what? it may depend on you. Another is the design of your blog because you are now going to design every pages of your blog. The design may depend also in your goal. Example if you want a business blog then you should design it as good as possible for you to get attention of every viewers. Well, if you aren’t good in designing a website or a blog, you can read and research more in the internet and try to practice. Designing a blog is easy because there are already automatic or ready-made templates, you’ll just add a content on it.Okay, you have your blog already and design, this is now the time for you to plan your blog’s content. If you are a good writer then that’s a big plus to you. You are going to put contents and other stuffs like photos, banners, etc. to your blog. It is up to you. In this step, I just only want you to know that putting a content into your blog is very important. You can get people to view your blog. If you have already all the contents for your blog then this is the time to market it or to let people know that you have that blog. There are a lot of strategies and techniques you can use to let people see your blog. You can do link building, promote your blog in social networking sites and a lot more. If you have a website of your own then you can do also what you are doing with your website. ^^ I hope these would help you.

Blog blogging bloggers

– created and original post by Marvin ( Please avoid plagiarism)

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