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The Year of the Tiger

Year of the Tiger

The Year of the Tiger

After a long vacation and holidays, I finally got my Chinese horoscope for this year 2010. Yeah!, you are seeing it now in the image above. I got this one in the new calendar for 2010 and took a shot on it.  I know I am late already but I just want to tell you that there is Chinese New Year coming this February. Whoooo!! I hope someone will give me a chinese cake, we called it as TIKOY. hahahaha… 🙂 This will be cool.

Anyway, the message in that picture is really wonderful and giving me a hint on what will I do this year. This is really funny but of course we don’t just read those things, we must push ourselves to what we want to have this year. Nothing will happen if we just sit and relax. I hope these are true. I’ll make my year more happy  and productive. Let’s get it on….

For the people who have the same year like me or rather who were born on those years indicated in the image. Keep up the good work! Nothing is impossible if you’ll push yourself into the right way.

Good Luck guys!

– created and original post by Marvin ( please avoid plagiarism)

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