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Are you a gamer?

Online Dota Game


Why not join me?  and let us share our thoughts in regard with different online games. Have you tried playing a lot of online games and you felt stress and depression? ASK YOUR GAME EXPERT on how to ease those stress and become happy again.

Playing an online game is really a hobby or may I say a part of our lives. Hahahaahh!. I couldn’t sleep without touching my computer and play a game that I really love. Yes, that’s a part of my life and I am happy but of course I have limitations also so that It wouldn’t be harmful for me.

Yes! harmful, over playing could make a bad  impact to your health.. So please keep in mind that playing an online game is just for a leisure time (only 2-3 hours?) .  For some, I think they can’t do that hahaha… So many addicted to online games playing for 5-8 hours or even a day.

Hard time for ONLINE GAMING! ROCKS… nyahahaah.

Nah! just play for fun and be happy.

Online Granado Espada Game

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