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Update yourself for the last week of January

Whoooa! February is coming, the month of love. Do you have a new set of plan already for that month? If No then it’s time for you to think all the things you want to do this coming February but before that let’s update ourselves. It is still January, the last week for this month, from January 25 up to 31,2010. Time is really running fast and we can’t stop it.. waahh! My age will go one up again. 😦

Anyway, back to the topic. This is really amazing. My blog is now 2 months old, LOL 🙂 and I am still happy doing blogs and websites. Okay, let us update ourselves with the current events around the world. What is the latest news? What are the good news? and most specially what are the bad news? hahahaha.. I think no one wants to know it. Well, the latest news is the earthquake in Haiti. There are still more people who need help. If you can see in the T.V,newspapers, and even in the internet, there is news about that country. You can even see people suffering from illnesses and what the earthquake did. I am really amazed that a lot of people from different countries are helping them. Even in the internet, I saw different websites have their own styles and advertisements on this so they can collect money and give it to the people of Haiti. I salute those good Samaritans. Keep it up. We can go out of those challenges if we are helping each other in a good way.

Good news here in the Philippines that I wanted to share. There are a lot of events coming up. Exciting events like Fiesta and one event is the best, the election, LOL… Yes, you heard it, Election is coming but it will be on the month of May. Woohoo! my birthday is coming too. Anyway, just be ready for the posters and other campaign materials that will sink your house. heheheehhe! You know what I mean. 🙂

Bad news? nevermind .. It’s not my business.. heheheh. Okay I want to sleep now. Please see also my daily bread page.

Thanks for reading!

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