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Online Forum Posters

Are you aware of the people who usually answering in the forum with a link on their signature? or rather someone who is answering with a very generous answer that makes all happy 🙂

If not then you should know it now.

There are paid people or may I say forum posters who do these things. Well, they won’t harm you or your websites’ forum. They have a goal with search engine optimization. Up to this point, they do postings so they can make links or back links that backs to their targeted website. This is one of the strategy in SEO if you have read my earlier posts.

Forum posting is easy but it takes  a lot of time starting from searching of different forums in the internet, registration, verification, logging-in into the forum, editing your profile and adding signatures,etc..  This is really a fun tasks also but you need to plan it carefully. A lot of forums have their rules and regulations in regard with forum postings. You can try it search for a forum then read their rules and regulations about postings.

Another thing, this strategy is very helpful in search engine optimization. You can create a lot of links by doing that. We can create a lot of back links for the website that you are optimizing. There are companies offering this kind of job most specially in an online marketing company or an outsourcing company. This would be helpful also in marketing or selling your products that is in your website.

So please keep in mind that those links aren’t just a link but rather a form of strategy in an online marketing environment.

Forum posters are great optimizers 🙂

– created and original post by Marvin ( please avoid plagiarism )

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