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Solving a Personal Problem

If you have a problem. Do not ever keep it for a long time. It’s not good to keep a problem. You can share it to your friends, relatives, parents or anyone that’s closed to you. Sharing one’s problem is not bad but it may depend also to the person if that problem is really private. There are lots of problem in this world but that is a challenge for us. Without a problem there is nothing to solve, there’s nothing to move-on, life is really boring. I am not saying you make a problem Okay?

In solving a problem, think of yourself first. Are you happy with what you are doing? Do you think if you keep your problem for a long time, it will give you a good outcome? These are only some of many questions that you should ask to yourself.

Second, You must find someone you knew that can help you and talk with. Have some advice. Remember, the motto ” No Man Is An Island”. Yes, You can’t survive without the help of anyone and anything. If you can then You are Godlike. I salute you. But to think in reality,you can’t survive if you are just the only one doing all the things for yourself.  What I mean is that try to open your mind and share your problems. Do not hesitate to talk to someone specially when you have a big problem. Keeping it may lead to stress and depression.

Third, Solve your problem by looking for a solution. Find a way out of it. If you think you can’t do it then try to recall. Why and where did I get that problem? Who’s involved? What were the things that pushed me to that problem? These are the questions you should know also. As much as possible, don’t let your pride arise and be the one to start solving your own problem.

If you feel that you can’t solve your problem. The best thing I can tell you is YOU SHOULD PRAY and tell God that you have that kind of problem. Nothing is impossible with God. Even if he won’t give you the exact solution but He will help you in a better way. Don’t be sad if He didn’t give you the exact solution. There is another way and hope. He is just challenging you and really listening to you.

I hope these would help you. Remember that these are some of the solutions that can solve your problem. You can also try to think of happy things in life. Don’t push yourself in depression. Solve your problems as soon as possible. Do not keep it.

– created and original post by Marvin ( Please avoid plagiarism)

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