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Congratulations! Most Popular Blogger – Philippines (Country Category)

Most Popular Blogger

Most Popular Blogger Philippines

Wow! Another big round of applause to me 🙂

Well, I just want to congratulate myself for having into the most popular blogger in the Philippines. Thanks to

Thanks 🙂


“CONGRATULATIONS to Vinbytes – Your Web Expert Blog Site, For Making into the Top Most Popular Blog in Bloggers.Com” – Marvin

Online Web Blogger

Online Web Expert Freelancer

Note: Please click the images to have a large view.

Congratulations Dude! You’ve made it.

Wow! A good news made Marvin happy after browsing the bloggers directory.

This is a surprise 🙂

Marvin said:

” I saw my blog in the top page (page 2) of the website. Here is the link

I didn’t expect this. 😀 I thought I was still at the end of this blog directory hahah! Imagine, there a lot of blogs in that directory and I am in the top page now 🙂 . There are thousands of blogger from different countries who are submitting their blogs in this website. Whew! I am new there and I am happy that I made it into the top.Let’s see if that would change my blog rank.

Anyway, I hope soon I am in the page 1 🙂

This is just a result of a good hard work 😀


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