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Vinbytes – Your Web Expert Freelancer on Yahoo Search Engine Rank 1, Page 1

Latest News from Search Engine Central

A short conversation between Mr. Marvin and Mr. Yahoo Search Engine after the meeting of different search engines.

Shocking news made Marvin happy.  *LOL*

Mr. Yahoo Search Engine said   “Great Marvin! You’ve made it on my top page.” 

“In your last post, it was on my fourth page but now you’ve done great and it is on my first page. Good job in link building :)”

Mr. Marvin said  “Thanks Yahoo Search Engine!  It is my pleasure that I am now in your first page” 🙂 

I really appreciate the help of Mr. Crawler, your loyal assistant. I hope he won’t get tired of visiting my blog clinic” 🙂

Mr. Yahoo Search Engine said  “You’re welcome my friend. Just don’t do violations. Mr. Black Hat is roaming around.”

Well, again great job!” I have to leave now and visit the other co-search engines” 🙂

Have a great day” 🙂

Mr. Marvin saidSure, thanks again Mr. Yahoo Search Engine

Have a great day also to you

By the way, please take a look on these screenshots

seo web expert freelancer

professional website freelancer

Reporter:  “Great job on making your blog site into the top search engines

Keyword:  web expert freelancer


Vinbytes – Your Web Expert Freelancer in Yahoo and Google Search Engines Top pages

Another accomplishment as of March 6, 2010 🙂

Online Web Expert Freelancer in GoogleOnline Web Expert Freelancer in GoogleWith the keyword: web expert freelancer

This is one of the keywords that my blog has. I just tried to search this one in the google search engine and after that my blog came up. Nice! I am in the first page and most specially in the first line.  This is a big accomplishment also. Anyway, the other keywords that I have are still in the process of making them into the top page. I hope I can make it 🙂

I also tried to search this keyword  in Yahoo Search Engine (web expert freelancer) but it wasn’t in the first page of yahoo. Well, it is okay but when I looked in the other pages, WOW! I saw my blog again in the fourth page. Not bad 🙂


Online Web Expert Freelancer in YahooOnline Web Expert Freelancer in Yahoo

This is also a good start 🙂

Thanks for viewing 🙂

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