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Cross Promotion Founder
My name is Magnus Gunnlaugsson, founder of and several other sites.  Marvin is not only great at link building but is great at building quality blogs and websites. Marvin has an insight into the online marketing world and is an asset to have on your team.
Thank you Marvin for your loyalty and good work.
He helped me to create this website and some SEO.
He created this blog for me, too.
~ Magnus Gunnlaugsson

Marvin is a great optimizer. He understands what he is doing.
I asked him to optimize my website
and we got a lot of visitors just in a few days.
He helped me also in editing product information and it was successful.
Thanks Marvin for helping me.
~ Dennis Knittel
I created this website for Darren Lawes
~ Marvin
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